How we get our cars:

All of the vehicles we purchase are from bank repossessions, finance company and manufacturer lease returns, new car trades, large fleet returns and private parties across the United States.

Why are your prices so much lower than other dealers?

    1.    We have a much lower overhead than most dealers.  We are located just North of I-70 off Tower Road in the Majestic Business Park in Aurora, CO, which means we have lower taxes, electric bills, gas bills, and initial building costs.

    2.    The vehicles we don’t sell to retail customers are brought to the dealer auctions which results in a fresher, newer inventory weekly.

    3.    We sell on average more than 250 vehicles per month, so our profit can be less than that of any dealer that only sells 50 vehicles.  We can be as much as THOUSANDS less than NADA Suggested Retail Value.  We sell our vehicles much faster than the average dealer and this allows us to adjust to a changing market, whereas some dealers may keep their vehicles for over 120 days. Their vehicles do not reflect current market values and seasonal changes.  Remember vehicles depreciate on dealers the same percentage as the end consumer, You!  It is always better to buy a car for what it is worth today then what it was worth 120 days ago!!  WE can pass that savings along to you!

    4.    We only buy what the Mountain State dealers want -- we don’t stock any certain kind of vehicle. This allows us to pass these great deals along to you!!! New Car stores need to have so many of each product in stock for the manufacturer, but if we think that product may be selling at too high a price and will depreciate considerably soon we will not buy any of those vehicles until it gets to a fair price. It is very much like buying stocks, you need to buy when the market is favorable.

    5.    We sell our vehicles up to THREE times faster than the average dealer, so we need to get them online the minute we get them in our possession. Because of that, all the reconditioning may not be done in time for our retail customers. We offer real time wholesale values and pass it along to you.   We still think that the customer should have some decision in what kind of reconditioning we do. If you do not mind a dent or ding and would like to have the option to repair the vehicle, we are your kind of dealer! We would like to offer you the best price on the vehicle.   There may be up to $500 worth of discounts available if you choose to do the servicing yourselves. It may need brakes, tires or another type of maintenance that you may forgo simply to get the price down.

Our vehicles come with a 3 month/3,000 mile powertrain warranty included in the sales price for our customer’s peace of mind.  This also helps us keep the prices low.  

How do you keep so many vehicles and such a diverse selection in stock?

We employ a number of buyers that may see more than 5000 vehicles per week at various buying sources.  With all sources being very diverse from high-line stores to used car stores offering lower prices.  This allows us to find and buy those rare gems that no one else can find. So, even if we do not have it now we can find it.  We carry most all makes and models. We buy all vehicles in many different price ranges from $3,000 to $53,000, so no matter what your price range is, we can find it.  We specialize in remarketing all types of vehicles. We have in stock on average over 100 vehicles at any given time.  We use several marketing outlets to place vehicles other than retailing them at our store.  SO ACT FAST!!! We know where to go with all of our vehicles even if we do not sell it retail.

Who does Justus Motors sell cars to?

We offer the vehicles for sale to the public as soon as they are retail ready.  All of our vehicles run through Manheim Denver Auto Auction every Wednesday to be sold to other dealers, independent auto brokers and exporters. We sell over 250 vehicles at the dealer-only auction each month and are the biggest dealer that sells there.

Do you offer financing on all cars and what options do I have?

We do not offer in-house financing.  Our finance department has great working relationships with several local banks and over 40 Colorado credit unions and because of those relationships, we are able to secure financing for our customers based on their credit.  We can even find financing for up to 84 months!   Our lowest rate will fluctuate daily but we have seen auto loan rates as low as 2.99!!!  The loans we offer are Simple Interest loans with no Pre-Payment penalty.

Do you offer Free Vehicle History Reports?

Yes, we do Carfax reports on all vehicles even before we buy them. We do not buy or sell any branded title cars, salvage title vehicles, vehicles with structural issues on the Carfax or airbag deployment reported to Carfax.

Will I get more than one set of keys for the vehicle?

We guarantee one set of keys for the vehicle when we sell the vehicle. We do on occasion receive a second or even third set. In the event that we do receive another set we will contact you to set up a time to pick them up. We can not mail keys due to insurance liability.

What Fees and Taxes are we responsible for?

All fees and taxes are in accordance with the individual state laws.  We have a $199.00 Dealer Prep and Handling Fee, which is used in totality to prepare your titlework according to the local laws and ordinances of your particular county, issue emissions coupons, etc.  We USE the whole amount.  Our Dealer Prep and Handling fee IS NOT extra income to us.  Compare our low low fee to that of other dealer prep and handling fees charged by dealerships and indepdent brokers throughout Colorado which are two to three times more.

Do you offer service contracts on your vehicles?

We offer service contracts on 100% of our vehicles.  Any certified service center can work with our service contracts. That means you can still go to the mechanic that you trust and have used forever. We want our customers to feel comfortable with their mechanic instead of only having to use a certain service center.  The service contracts we offer give you that choice.  In addition, these service contracts are covered by approved service centers nationwide and in Canada.  Please note there are certain high-line vehicles that are exempt from service contracts.  If the vehicle you are interested in cannot be covered by a service contract we will inform you of that.

Do you accept trade-ins or even buy vehicles out right?

Yes, we operate even better when a customer is trading in vehicle.  We offer free used car appraisals.  We buy cars from many people each month that will just show up and sell us a vehicle.   We love these vehicles because our customers take very good care of them.

Our salespeople are not “old-school, 1980s era pushy dealership-type” salespeople. We take pride in our new era approach to car buying.  We do not use scare tactics or intimidation with our customers.  If you don’t like our car we shake hands and part as friends.